Our Mission

We will prove you that super-fancy tech can re-draw even the most regular job.

mission & vision

Strong financial flexibility

Our strong balance sheet and cash flow allow us to support our companies long-term, capture investment opportunities and pay

Best-in-class boards

We exercise our influence through our representation on the companies’ boards. We spend much of our time to develop

Strong industrial network

engaged high-quality, global companies. We use our extensive professional network to identify and evaluate attractive business opportunities

We create value for people and society by updating businesses to the 4.0 landscape

Let's find our whether your job is able to be automated

The European Union AI regulation will emphasize "human-supervised" Artificial Intelligence. We can help you make it through that revolution

Like Google, we believe that it is better to focus on a few things. We do specially good in the gambling and Real Estate sectors. Call us

We strive to help communities adapt to the incoming revolution in jobs

Human centered approach: you'll be in power of your decisions, always