vertical strength

One should aspire to do one thing really well, even if you tackle a lot. Discover our fields of expertise.

Data, gambling, Real Estate, technical consultancy

We love to be your specialized partner on these businesses

  • Data science & big data

    We love data. It's the best way we know to make good decisions

  • Online presence

    We can provide assesment for your business: see what you can gain for making it online

  • Adapt or die

    The 4.0 revolution is here. Check the figures from the EU: many jobs will dissappear. Let's discover how to adapt yours!

  • Technical consultancy

    We are really interested in the transformations this sector is going through, and we'll be part of them.

  • Real Estate

    We are system providers. Check what we can do for you.

  • Gambling

    Digital consultancy

Features Offered

Our workflow is simple and self-contained

Case study

Let's see how you compare to your competitors.

Tech. assesment

We'll offer you a direction in which to evolve an adapt your business to the 4.0 revolution.


We will try to offer you an implementation of the solutions you like. All ourselves!